When the word Pakistan is mentioned, people usually think of images of Muslim mosques, exotic South Asian tribes and harsh natural wonders. The most important thing that other people usually forget about Pakistan is that it is part of the Indus Valley, the birthplace of one of the ancient civilizations in the world.

Many people aint aware of the fact, but Pakistan is bestowed with lavish breathtaking destinations. Be it sun-kissed beaches of Sindh, bubbling rivers of Punjab, salty lakes of Balochistan and an amazing mountainous range of the northern areas; our country is blessed with unique landscapes.

Here are some of the most beautiful places of Pakistan that you have to see at least once in your lifetime!



Naran Kaghan Waterfalls is absolutely the most perfect cascades of Pakistan. On your approach to Kaghan Valley, stop your auto and visit these stunning falls these falls unquestionably take your breath away. On the off chance that you need to take a short visit to beat the warmth then Naran cascade is the best place to visit.



If you are thinking that its a painting so you are wrong. This is a genuine picture of Skardu. Skardu is the primary town of Baltistan along the comprehensive bank of the River Indus. Baltistan is the home to a portion of the most noteworthy mountains on the planet. It is famous with high height trekkers, who treks to Baltoro Glacier, K2 Base Camp and Concordia.

Skardu has its very own appeal and has indistinguishable striking view. Skardu is otherwise called the place where there is mountains.



Gulmit is the head quarter of the Gojal Tehsil, in the upper Hunza area of the Gilgit region in the profound Karakoram Mountain Range. Gulmit is an old memorable town of hundreds of years, with mountains, pinnacles and ice sheets. It is a visitor put comprise of numerous lodgings, shops and an exhibition hall. Its over the Arabian Sea Level. A great part of the zone is fauna and vegetation and incorporates numerous species. The excellence of Gulmit welcomes you to investigate, concentrating on natural life, restorative plants and treks. Gulmit, is additionally a Turkish or Iranian word which implies the valley of blooms.



Kalam valley, similar to previous vales of Northern Pakistan, is an amusing in regular excellence. It is perceived for its cascades, lakes, rich green slopes and different blessings offered to it by the nature.It is as often as possible visited by sightseers and experience explorers. Swat is likewise called as Switzerland of Pakistan. The stream of Swat streams however this district and offers astounding landscape to the guest. The neighboring valley of Laddu is breathtaking.



Chitral is honored with common assets like snow secured crests, Rocks, Lakes, streams and so forth.

For times, Chitral has been an acclaimed climbing spot in this manner consistently amid a season experience darlings come here to fulfill the thirst of experience fit as a fiddle of gatherings. The testing rocks welcome the explorers from everywhere throughout the world.



Any traveler who needs to unwind in rich old accounts will discover Taxila captivating. Taxila is the place of many fine Buddhist foundations. Taxila, the primary Heart of Gandhara, is more than 3,000 years of age. This zone, which has been granted the refinement of being an UNESCO World Heritage Site. This ancient site is 35 kilometers from Islamabad which is the capital of Pakistan.

This zone is outstanding for models of the Gandhara compose. Today the Gandhara models possess an unmistakable place in the exhibition halls of France,Japan, Germany, Korea,England, USA, India,China and Afghanistan, and additionally a monstrous accumulation in the historical centers of Pakistan.

Focal Asians are likewise normal in the territory as there is a profound Buddhist convention in Taxila. The mix of Buddism, Islam, and notable societies make the region uncommon, remarkable and enrapturing.

So, When are you planning to visit Pakistan? Don’t forget to take some pictures!




Inspiring Places Of The Globe


Movement or stillness, Light or darkness, People or places. History, present or future. Inspiration comes from a variety of sources and reveals itself in many forms. But believe me or not, place is a key part of any human’s life. Either if it is a city you’ve visited once in your life or a special shelter you take off to every year, surroundings dictate a number of things inspiration and productivity leading among them.

The world is filled with countless breathtaking places which are worth a visit even if you’ve been there before. You can see the iconic places right in this blog.



From 1,200 to 6,000 islands, Greece has more islands than you can count. Nearly 16.5 million tourists visit Greece each year, more than country’s entire population. If you’re looking for an easily accessible, beautiful but under-the-radar island in Greece, Santorini is your answer! Today, Santorini is one of Greece’s most glamorous island destination. Santorini might be perfect for you. Each island is a little divergent, with its own quirky appeal. Santorini is orientated more towards couples than families. Families are best served for in the beach resorts of Perissa and Kamari, where many hotels have outdoor pools and the beaches are provide with watersports rentals. The centre of nightlife in Santorini is its main town Fira but you can also try the other towns and resorts like Oia, Perissa and Kamari which also have a very perky nightlife. It’s definitely worth checking out if you ever get tired of hanging out on the mainland!

If you are in Santorini between the end of August and beginning of September you will have the chance to grace with your presence in the international music festival of Santorini with music concerts and other art happenings, the festival is prearranged in Fira.



Canyonlands National Park is a US National Park situated in southeastern Utah nearby the town of Moab.

Canyon lands invites you to discover a wilderness of uncountable canyons and tremendously formed hills carved by the Colorado River and its tributaries. Rivers distribute the park into four regions: the Island in the sky, the Needles, the Maze and the rivers themselves. These areas share an original desert atmosphere but each offers different prospects for sightseeing and adventure. It preserves a colorful landscape. The most weird, wonderful, magical place on earth like you’ve never seen before.



These epic cave bridges aren’t from the set of some fantastic movie. They’re part of a real limestone cave. The Baatara George Waterfall or The Baatara Pathole Waterfall is also known as ‘Three Bridges Chasm’ it is located in the village of Bala, Lebanon. Today this limestone is over 160 million years old that means it was around back when the dinosaurs roamed earth.

This unexpected waterfall drops 255 meters (837 ft.) into a cave and falls behind three natural bridges. It can only be seen thru the months of March and April. The finest time to go there to see the waterfall surely is in spring when the snow are melting and makes the waterfall flows stronger. It’s without a doubt one of the most dreamlike waterfalls one can visit.



The iconic Incan ruins of Machu Picchu is the site of an ancient Inca city, high in the Andes of Peru. Located at 2,430m (8,000 ft.) this UNESCO World Heritage mentioned to as “The Lost City of the Incas”. It’s one of the most familiar signs of the Incan Empire and also one of the most renowned and remarkable sets of ruins in the world.

One thing that is vibrant is that it was a curiously well hidden place, and well protected. Machu Picchu was made in the classical Inca style, with polished dry-stone walls. It’s most different and prominent structures are the Temple of the Sun and the Intihuatana stone, a sculpted granite rock that is believed to have functioned as a solar clock or calendar. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983 selected one of the New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007. A visit to Peru would not be complete without seeing it.



Sweat and painful muscles will soon be forgotten when you reach the top. The name Preikestolen translates to Preacher’s Pulpit or Pulpit Rock is a square formation of rock standing 604 metres above the Lysefjord. In ancient times the cliff might have been used in pagan religious ceremonials, perhaps as a place of sacrifice. The hike to the plateau takes around two hours and when you see the view on the top, you will instantly realize why this incredible rocky plateau receives well over 200,000 visitors every year. Lonely Planet named it the number one most breathtaking viewing platform in the world. The view will leave you mesmerized!



Immerse yourself in one of the most gorgeous and clear waters of the world ‘The Mexican Caribbean’. Creator of the world’s first underwater sculpture museum, Jason de Caires Taylor has gained international acknowledgement for his unique work.

In the proximate future these crystal clear waters will be home to one of the largest underwater museums on the planet, situated in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Divers and snorkelers will have the chance to admire more than 400 innovative and original sculptures in depths extending from 9 to 20 feet. The Cancun underwater museum is one of the most visited water in the world with over 700,000 visitors each year. This is an adventure that will leave you breathless! Take a swim and explore over 400 statues and see this artistic reef that balances art and nature in the most well-designed and eye-catching way. This is not to be neglected during your holidays.